Safe Haven Bowl-a-Thon

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Safe Haven will be holding our 14th Annual “Spare the Violence” Bowl-a-thon on Saturday, January 21, 2017.  This year it will be a 9 Pin Event.  It will be run the same way as our past events.  Our Bowl-a-thon will be held at Lake Shore Lanes at 210 Airport Road, Shawano.  We would like to invite you and 4 of your friends to enter a team in our Fundraiser.  We are planning a very special event for our 15th Anniversary as a Shelter Program.

What does this mean???  For Safe Haven’s 10th Anniversary we challenged you to raise $10,000.00.  Now it is our 15th Anniversary we would like to challenge you to help us raise $10,000.00 or more!!!   That means if we have 20 teams each team would need to generate $500.00 in Sponsorships.  This does not include the registration fee that is paid to the bowling alley for your bowling. This would mean that each person would need to collect $100.00 in sponsors.  This can be done, you helped us achieve this goal back 5 years ago so we know we can repeat this Awesome Challenge with your help!!!

Make note of the event date change. We know after the holidays wind down, people are looking for fun ways to stay connected with friends and get out of the house.  Well we have a perfect opportunity for you to do just that.  Just contact 4 friends and ask them to bowl on your team.  It doesn’t matter how well you bowl, we do not collect per pin, we use flat rate pledges (example $5, $10 or $25).  This will allow you to collect before the event and you don’t need to worry about going back to collect the money.

It is easy to do and is a fun-filled day while raising money for a very worthy cause.  As a team you pay a registration fee of $35.00 which covers the costs of 3 games of bowling and shoes for each of your 5 bowlers.  We then ask that your team members solicit sponsors.  The day of the event you turn in your collected pledges and join the other teams for a fun, relaxing day of bowling.  You and your sponsors make this fundraiser a success!  The more you raise in sponsorships the more we raise for Safe Haven.  If each bowler commits to raising at least $100.00, we will have a very AWESOME event!!  Will you accept the challenge?  Do you have any friends that would like to have their own team?  We would love to welcome some new teams as well.

A list of prizes will be included with your Sponsor Forms and Participant Letter.  As soon as you know you have a team, return the Registration and I will get you your sponsor sheets.  Ask relatives at Christmas, tis the giving season.  Registration and Bowling times will be included on the Registration Form.  For more information, call Safe Haven at 715-526-3421.


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