Support Services


*excluding Impact Program fees*

24 Hr EMERGENCY SHELTER:  Emergency housing is offered to victims and their children who have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse and are in fear for their safety.  Shelter, with appropriate services, is offered for varied lengths of stay.

24 Hr CRISIS LINE:  Trained staff and volunteers provide domestic violence and sexual assault intervention 24 hours a day.  Callers are assisted in clarifying problems and identifying alternatives.

 INDIVIDUAL ADVOCACY:  Advocates for sexual assault and domestic violence victims provide emotional support, resources and referrals for people seeking to address the violence in their lives.

CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY:  Advocates provide emotional support, resources and referrals to help children identify abusive behaviors, safety plan, and begin the healing process.

HOSPITAL ADVOCACY/SEXUAL ASSAULT EXAM (SANE):  Informational and emotional support is provided by trained staff and volunteer advocates for victims who are brought to the hospital due to injuries from domestic violence or sexual assault.

EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION:  Transportation may be provided for victims who need shelter by using law enforcement or local taxi cabs.

RESTRAINING ORDERS:  Advocates can answer questions and assist in the completion and filing of restraining orders.

**Pre-registration is required for all groups.  Please call 715-526-3421 to schedule an appointment with an advocate**

WOMEN WORKING IT OUT SUPPORT GROUP:  This group offers ongoing safety planning to women who are experiencing abuse while they remain in the relationship with their partner. This group focuses on the needs of women ages 45 and older; however, women of all ages are welcome.  The goal of this group is to offer women who have similar goals for support, advocacy, education, and safety planning a place to come together and support one another.

WOMEN’S SUPPORT GROUP: This group is open to all women who have experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Topics discussed include safety planning, self-esteem, assertiveness, self-sufficiency, life without violence and more. (This group is held at the same time as the Children’s Group)

CHILDREN’S SUPPORT GROUP:  Held in conjunction with the women’s support group; this group gives children who have witnessed domestic abuse the opportunity to discuss the different issues surrounding the violence in their homes.  Children develop safety plans, work on problem solving skills, positive ways to cope with stress, developing self esteem and more.  Children of all ages are welcome.

FAMILY DYNAMICS GROUP:  This group gives the parent and child(ren) an opportunity to rebuild relationships that have been impacted by violence.  The goal is to re-establish healthy patterns of communication, trust and teamwork.

Additional SPECIAL INTEREST SUPPORT GROUPS are offered throughout the year. Please call for more information relating to these groups.

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